Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl = Woman

Funny thing--last night I was pondering elements of my life that might be unique enough to blog about... Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm... then in came to me--MY PAPER ROUTE!

While I realize that I am not the only mother of six with a paper route, I may be the only one blogging about it.

Today is the perfect day to start my RAMBLINGS because 1) My husband--dear, sweet man that he is--actually delivered my newspapers for me and I am well rested and 2) I got a $100 tip in the mail! You read that right. I am a little beside myself--myself. Further, (I guess this could be considered #3) when I typed in to see if it was already taken, it WAS--by someone who shares my same first name, started blogging in 2000 and hasn't done a single (no, not one!) post, and is probably not even a "girl" anymore... but then, neither am I. Well, technically, yes--but you know what I mean... don't you?

On that subject, when does someone of the female persuasion go from being a girl to a WOMAN? Not that it really matters... until you are making reference to someone in their early-twenties (say, a clerk in a store or someone on a hiking trail who just gave you directions) that you don't know by name. Thankfully, they will never know how you referred to them, but still, I stumble on the word "woman" when making such references. It just sounds to BIG and presumptuous--even for me. And again, I have six children and recently sluffed my 20-year reunion.

This is a good time to whip out my handy dandy thesaurus--or not. Some of the synonyms for "girl" are: babe, bimbo, chick, dish, doll, honey, lassie, miss, sweet thing, and tootsie. Obviously, most of that list self-selects out for anyone trying to maintain any degree of self respect. "Miss" has possibilities--I've even used that one to Girl's faces before. Too bad uppercase and lower case punctuation isn't apparent in verbal communication. Late teens and early twenties would be the perfect time to gradually transition from girl to Girl. Don't you think?

The synonyms for "woman" were less than helpful (aunt, daughter, grandmother, mother, niece, girl, she, spouse, wife). "She" seems like a bit of a cop-out, but then the challenge of the situation is the point of this post (in case you were wondering) so I empathize with the thesaurologians' (apparently not a word) dilemma.

Thankfully, "girl" is synonymous with "woman." Hence, the title of this blog.

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  1. Well, I say that whatever appearance on the outside I might have assumed that allows me to be called "Woman," not to mention that I am all of the things on the woman list except grandmother, I still feel like a kid inside, so I'll be happy being called a girl until I die. I think the people who see me riding the grocery cart like a scooter would also likely agree that "girl" suits me just fine. :)