Monday, January 31, 2011

If He Doesn't Care About the Top Hat, Why Do I?

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, your son has been assigned to do an oral book report on a biography. He must dress up like the subject of his book and share five facts in two minutes. Then let's say that his subject is Abraham Lincoln... and he thinks he will just wear a suit and call it good.

Really? A nine-year old in a suit posing as a "famous person" could be any one of at least a million famous people. He's not going to give anything away there. As a woman who takes some pride in her children's education AND is sleep deprived in A BIG WAY, I couldn't let my son simply slide by doing the bare minimum...

The project is due tomorrow. He has asked for my help a few times in the last week, but I either didn't have the opportunity or if I did have the opportunity, I didn't have the memory to pick up duct tape. And obviously this project was worthless without it. Tonight while my husband grilled chicken for dinner, I drove six children to Michael's Crafts to fetch duct tape. Now we could get the project under way.

Two hours later...

I don't think Abraham Lincoln wore braces, but then--his top hats probably weren't made out of duct tape either.


  1. Wow...that is some ingenuity. I wish you had been my mom. And for that matter, I wish you had been my kids mom. Every child needs to feel this special at least once in the year. You made it happen! You win!