Thursday, February 17, 2011

De. Light. FULL.

I have had a couple of moments of pure delight this week. De-Light. Tuesday morning I decided that I had a little errand to run at the bookstore, so I packed up my two-year old, hopped in the van, and we made our way to the bookstore. I need to paint the town more often with my little two-year old. She is delightful.

In the bookstore, we had two mutually exclusive missions. Mine: Find a copy of One Thousand Gifts and buy it. Hers: Find the "choo-choo" and play with it. Naturally, mine took precedence. Not sure why though, now that I think of it. I guess it was THE reason we were in the bookstore in the first place; on the other hand, it probably would have waited for a visit to the choo-choo.

At any rate, I bee-lined it for the Customer Service desk where a kindly young gentleman asked if he could help me. I told him what I was looking for, and he promptly looked it up and lead me to the rack where... it wasn't. Next stop: a New Release table. Not there either. [Note that my two-year old and I were following this swift-footed gentleman from one location to the next with my daughter saying, "Choo-choo" in mild-mannered distress. I kept reassuring her that it would be our next stop... OK, our NEXT stop.] The New Release was finally located on a cart in the Religion section where it was about to take up residence. Not so fast.

I thanked the helpful (and swift-footed) gentleman for his services. Then as I turned to help my insistent and done-waiting two-year old locate the children's section and the choo-choo, he said, "Oh, we don't have the train anymore." I couldn't imagine what he was talking about or why they would have gotten rid of the train, but I led my daughter to the children's section anyway because I had said I would... and we found the train--in the same spot that it was the last time we were there (which had to be months ago, and I have no idea how my daughter remembered it). Swiftfoot must have been thinking about the OTHER train.

Anyway, she played for a few minutes. We looked at some children's books. I paid for my book and we left. After a ride on the quarter-operated ice cream truck in the mall--for her, not for me (I exceeded the weight and age limit!), we returned to the van. Once we were buckled in, I realized that I was thirsty so we went to Orange Peel, a smoothie shop for which I happened to have a $5 gift certificate...

As I approached the counter, the young woman behind the counter asked, "What can I get for you?"

"Something YUMMY!" I said.

"Well, the Mello Yellow is quite delicious," she said and then proceeded to guide my eyes to its description on the wall behind her: mango, peach, banana. I'll take it. Once it was ready, we were given two ginormous straws to go with it--on yellow and one pink. I let the two-year old have first dibs. She took pink. I WANTED pink, but she got it. After all, I got to be first at the bookstore. Strangely, the smoothie seemed to taste just as good in yellow.

Actually, it was delightful in every. sense. of. the. word. My daughter and I passed it back and forth, sipping from our individually colored straws. The sun was shining on us. We were enjoying a yummy treat. She had on a clean diaper. It was delightful. I loved being with her, sharing my smoothie. The flavor was enhanced in the sharing--I just know it. Otherwise, it would have been too much. We finished the last slurps just shy of being overindulged. Perfect. As we passed the cup back and forth, I wished I had a camera. It was that good. The two of us and our smoothie.

Yesterday I took my nine-year old out to lunch. After a rough morning, I decided he needed some reassurance that I love him. I took him out of school. We went to the Pizza Factory and SHARED a lunch special--or a special lunch. He got the pizza. I got the salad. Not too much. Delightful.

Today my friend invited me to come over for a visit. Me and my two "littles"--My two-year old and my 9-month old. While there she made us lunch--a turkey pita with avocado and sprouts. Then she served us a bowl full of cut up strawberries and fresh pineapple (Seriously, who needs candy?!) to SHARE. I started by manning the fork, but when my two-year old wanted the driver's seat, I surrendered it with little resistance with the understanding that we were still going to SHARE. She then proceeded to alternate between our two mouths with bites of fruit. It was fun. And delightful.

As I further reflect on the week, I realize that two other delightful images center around food. One is my Valentine's Day gift from my husband: a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries. (Not candy--isn't he brilliant?) A circle of mothers surrounding a table of fruit pizza, mango salsa and chips, and a vegetable platter.

When I buy that XXL bag of pretzel M&M's (Answer: I NEED Candy!), I am going to try sharing them. I can't imagine how they could taste any better, but I'm willing to give it a try.


  1. That two year old of yours IS delightful! I need to figure out how I can spend some time with her. :) Good for you for letting her have the pink straw. I probably would have, too, but I would have really needed to think about it for a minute. Great post! Love you! ♥

  2. Rebecca - I just have to say how much I enjoy reading your post. You really do have a talent. I hope you keep posting! Jennifer

  3. I agree. That was such a cute post and it made me smile! :)

  4. You guys are kind. Thanks for dropping in!

  5. I feel like I missed out on something big. :)