Friday, February 4, 2011

Miss Recycling 2010

Upon digging for something in our royal blue recycling container, my husband proclaimed, "If there was a contest for Miss Recycling--you would be It." Well, thank you--thank you very much. I think it complements my Paper Girl persona rather nicely.

I'll admit that I probably am a little over the top. Small scraps of paper, receipts, and lids of almost every size and proportion end up in our bin which is conveniently positioned in our garage right outside our kitchen door. Since obtaining our bin, the garbage man usually only picks up one half-full container from our house each week. (Pretty impressive, considering the fact that we can't recycle diapers.) By contrast, our recycle bin is stuffed to brimming for its every-other-week pickup. We can't use the bin to recycle glass, so those just travel around in the van with me until I have the opportunity to deliver them to a glass recycling bin in town. So maybe I am a little OCD--I'm not denying it.

But I am not the only Earth-friendly inhabitant to frequent this abode. My husband is a pretty faithful composter. In fact, I would happily nominate him as Mr. Composter Universe. Although we have taken a winter hiatus from composting, it is about time to start it up again.

Next there is the subject of water--perhaps a topic better saved for its own post--I am continually amazed by the clean water that flows from my kitchen faucet. Maybe it's weird, but I rarely turn on the kitchen faucet without thinking of people in other corners of the earth that must pump their water from a well--and oftentimes must travel several miles before they can even do that. I am fortunate enough to have it in great abundance right at my fingertips. (It makes the whining over showers not being warm enough seem that much more absurd, don't you think?)

Besides the accessibility of water, the purity of it astounds me. The very idea of having a perfectly clear liquid that can be used to purge or clean just about anything is nothing short of a marvel. It isn't juice from a fruit or sap from a tree--it is sodium-free, calorie-free, cholesterol-free, fat-free, and refreshingly--well, refreshing. Suddenly I'm feeling thirsty.

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