Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vanished Almost Rhymes With Famished

I gave up candy this month. I know I have mentioned this before, but I feel the need to confess it again. Maybe in some strange way it can explain (read: justify) all my shortcomings of late. Offhand, I am not sure what those are, but if a list happens to be forming in your head... well, I'm candy deprived.

But I am only candy deprived. What this "fast" has done for me (besides miraculously turn February into the LONGEST month of the year) is make me more resourceful. I didn't give up sugar. (Thank goodness!) I just gave up candy. In some ways I wish I would have given up all sugar--except for candy, because I have yet to look with disdain on pretzel M&M's. In fact, I plan to be at Costco first thing the morning of March 1 to snag an XXL bag of those little yummies. Better yet--I will buy one on February 28, so that I am prepared come 12:00 AM on March 1. (Poor smokers--their addictions STINK. Mine, on the other hand, has cute commercials.)

So candy deprived and craving sugar, I went grocery shopping last week... and came home with three packages of cookies: Chips Ahoy, Keebler Chips Deluxe Coconut Cookies, and generic vanilla sandwich cookies. I don't even like sandwich cookies. They were for the kids' lunches. Yes, they were. Of course, they opened the sandwich cookies first. (In the interest of health and provident living, I encourage my children to take a serving size of any treat for lunch--as opposed to half the package.) The cookies were gone the next day. Darn Kids.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. This is last night's special dessert--er, I mean the pan from last night's special dessert. The ACTUAL pan. It was yummy. Obviously. My hips (and my children) thank me for not eating the entire pan all by myself. My tastebuds want to tell my hips and my children to take a hike.

How do you like the photography? Perhaps the actual dish would be more appealing, but doesn't this picture tell you more about the dish than a picture of the actual dessert would? It was GOOD. Really GOOD. It's gone. I won't be throwing any of it away next Tuesday, because it DISAPPEARED.

Why do food blogs always post pictures of the dish BEFORE anyone has tasted it? I know--it gives us the vision by which we determine if it is really worth the effort. Perhaps they should consider photographing food with a bite or two missing. Then we, the at-home chefs (I wish!) would recognize that someone just couldn't wait for the lens cap to be removed. They just HAD to taste it RIGHT NOW--it looked and smelled so good. In reality, the dishes are probably guarded by pandas and they only eat bamboo.

So about last night's dessert (in case you can't tell from the picture), it was a vanilla-wafer crust, cream-cheese-and-whipped-topping middle, and raspberries and Jell-O on top... and did I mention YUMMY?

If you ask really nicely, I might be persuaded to post the recipe but if you want a picture you will have to search the internet because our dessert is ALL GONE.


  1. Aren't we still waiting for the cookie recipe? Or did I miss that? :o)

  2. since you have an obvious love of pretzels, I have a recipe that is very similar to that but with a butter, pretzel crust. Interested??? I love how we can give up candy, but not dessert! Perfect for the 10 pounds I want to take off :0)