Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Miss the Most

I miss my pretzel M&M's. I just had to say that. I know it's pathetic, but there it is. The salty/sweet combination is so light and savory that they almost taste healthy. Almost. The fact that I find it on the CANDY aisle keeps me from completely buying into that deception... but I want to. I really, really want to. You see, if I could convince myself that those delectable beauties were not candy, then I could continue to indulge at the obsessive rate that I have been indulging the past couple of months. (That would be one Costco-size bag per week.) But I am not that convincing. So much for my marketing degree! They ARE candy and I am not eating candy this month.

Why am I giving it up? All day I have been asking myself the same question. It isn't for Lent. That would actually seem like a worthwhile purpose. It isn't that I don't like candy. Au contraire! I LOVE Candy! I have decided to give up candy for the month of February in an attempt to overcome my addiction. The one positive side of that resolve is that I chose the shortest month... which is quickly becoming the longest month. Is it February 2 yet? Nope... it's not.

I should probably have given up sugar since "candy" can be loosely defined. Especially by me. For example, we have some chocolate-covered almonds in our pantry. [Note that they are not almond M&M's--a past obsession.] They could probably be used for baking, right? At least CHOCOLATE can be used in baking, and ALMONDS can be used in baking. That was all the green light I needed. I ate about six of them. They weren't nearly as good as almond M&M's. That was probably cheating. Dang. I should have eaten six pretzel M&M's if I was going to be confessing anyway.

Obviously, I'm desperate. Must be the withdrawal pains. But for the record, chocolate chips are not considered candy either. And if you happen to know of any other not-candy candy, please (read: PLEEEEASE!) send it my way. Please.


  1. I don't think this is going to be an easy month for you. Try this one: pop popcorn, that would be 3 one half cup batches. (1/2 cup before you pop it) Then melt this stuff together over the stove: 1/2 C. honey, 1/2 C. peanut butter, 1/4 C. molasses. Then pour half of that over the popcorn, mix it up really good and try to wait a few minutes while it sort of dries out. The recipe says you can bake it in a not too hot oven to dry it out, but I never do that part. Takes too long. The recipe also says to use the whole batch of stuff, but it's too much, so if you can do math, you could actually just half the recipe of topping. Some people have a hard time with fractions, though. :) We've never called this candy, and I think it's sort of good for you.

  2. I read this to the other kids, and I had a thought, so I'm chiming in here, again. Did you happen to realize that you decided not to eat candy in the month of Valentine's Day? I'm thinking (since you already cheated anyway) that you should give in and enjoy February, and re-start in March.
    Okay, so my boys are reading over my shoulder, and in unison I'm hearing this: "Oh, the cunning plan of the evil one. . ." They had it memorized from Seminary, but I was quick to point out that if they are going to quote scriptures to me, they need to be relevant to the situation at hand. That one wasn't. :)

  3. Melody (and company)--thanks for looking out for me. The thing is that my Valentine is about as likely to buy me candy for Valentine's Day as I am to give up candy for the rest of my life, so there is no real threat there. It will be as hard on that day as the rest of the month, and that is proving to be hard enough!:)