Thursday, March 31, 2011

If One Is Compelled To Niceness, Is She Really Nice?

Today I got a compliment on my route sheet: "Thank you for your good service." No tip. Just a compliment. That's nice... but I prefer tips, if I am being honest and that seems to be the only way I know how to be, so there it is.

The thing is that I am COMPELLED to give good service. When someone requests their paper on their porch, it makes me want to throw it through their window. Seriously. But I don't, and when they send me notes (and tips) at Christmas time telling me how much they appreciate it and that they are 80 years old and that I am the best paper person that ever walked the planet and that they named a star after me... well, it's all worth it.

But there are those who just EXPECT great service. Can you believe that? Nervy. They just want their paper delivered to their table along with their Starbucks JUST BECAUSE. Like it's my JOB or something. Too bad those people have windows made of steel... or something.

Actually the woman who took the time to call in a compliment (Bless her! Seriously.) left a $10 tip in an envelope stuck to her door around Christmastime. Then she called to make sure I had found it. During that conversation, she told me that she appreciated my efforts to get her paper on her steps.

The woman also mentioned that she just had heart surgery, so her husband (who had some other ailment) was the one who collected the paper each morning. She even went so far as to TELL me that she didn't expect me to get out of my car, that she just appreciated my throwing it as far as I could. (You see where this is going, don't you?) She obviously knew who she was dealing with: Guilt Complex Superstar. So Ella, I mean--I have been getting her paper to her front door ever since.

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