Saturday, March 5, 2011

Message In a Bottle--er, I Mean Diaper

When my son who is now six years old was a baby, I was changing his diaper when I discovered a barcode. Face up. In his diaper. I immediately called my husband to inform him that there was no turning back. Now that he had lost his barcode, we would have no chance of sending our baby back. Good thing he was a keeper.

Yesterday as my 10-month old sat in our great room, I looked at her and noticed she was sort of gagging. She obviously had something in her mouth that she was having a hard time manipulating. By the time I picked her up, the culprit had disappeared... down her throat. I guessed it was probably a piece of paper, or possibly a rubberband, due to the ease with which it seemed to go down.

"I wonder what it was--I guess we'll find out tomorrow," I said to my husband who I had called over to do a fingersweep (definitely HIS department).

Well, the message came through today in all its mustardy yellow glory. My baby pooped it out. It was neither a rubberband nor a regular piece of paper. No, it was actually a sticker with a brief four-word message.

Now one has to wonder about a message that has to be delivered through such means. Messages can be delivered through a myriad of vehicles, i.e. messages in a bottle, clouds of smoke across the sky, postcards in the mail (perhaps you've heard of those), fortune cookies, etc. We all place different weight on messages depending on our desire to embrace their messages. For example, if a fortune cookie were to read, "You will take a long walk off a short pier," I would likely take it with a grain of salt--and quickly discard it. On the other hand, if the fortune cookie predicted wealth and happiness, I would save it and use it for a bookmark for many years to come.

But messages in my baby's diaper? The question I have is: Are those messages intended for me or for my baby? Probably for me, since my baby can't read yet and The Powers That Be could predict with near-perfect accuracy that I would be the one changing the diaper.

So what was the message in the diaper? I know you are dying to know, but more than that you are probably wondering whether it came out, face up, and ready to read OR if I have to fish around in the yellow mustard to decipher it. Well, I will leave the latter of those inquiries to your imagination. The message, on the other hand, I will gladly share. Because, who knows--maybe the message was also intended for YOU via my baby's mouth, her digestive system, her cute little bum, and my rambling blog. One never knows. That being said, the message in the diaper read...

(Drumroll, please.)


Yeah, Baby!


  1. But on the way to where?? I'm dying to know how I'm supposed to take that! How did you take it? :)

  2. Best bit of encouragement I've had all day!

  3. Oh this post made me remember when my husband found his missing drill bit in my little guys diaper. Makes you feel like a very attentive mom when that happens!

  4. The most I have found in ANY diaper (besides the usual, of course) are air soft pellets from Jake's gun. I am not sure how to take a message being delivered that way, lol.

  5. Your posts give me inspiration to see what kind of treasures I may find in my little guys disposal!!! Keep them com'in your inquisitive mind makes my day interesting..