Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stops & Starts

Each morning I go to the "dock" to pick up my newspapers. Each stack of papers has what is called a route sheet on top of it, identifying the route number. (Would it surprise you that I am Route #001--as in NUMBER ONE?) Next to the route number is the number of papers that I will be delivering that day. Today is was 122. Below that are the stops and starts for the day (vacations, terminated subscriptions, vacation restarts, etc.). I make a mental note of the changes and then implement them as I deliver the papers.

Today I had two stops and one start. One of the stops came with the following message to the carrier (that's me): PLEASE DO NOT DEL PPR UNTIL SATURDAY MARCH 19TH. CUSTOMER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK PPR UP. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

Well, that was specific, wasn't it? After all, that is the definition of a Stop. I don't deliver the paper because the customer will not be home to read it. It struck me as funny.

Another notice I sometimes get is called a Vac Pak--that means I am to SAVE all of the newspapers between that day and the day the person returns from their shinanigans--er, I mean vacation. I secretly wonder (well, not so secretly anymore) if these people are packrats that have hoarded EVERY issue of The Spectrum since 1963. (That is when they began publication--I just looked it up, because I DON'T have every issue since then.)

As an added bonus, I saw six deer on the street while delivering papers. As I drove toward them, they ran onto a lot. When I got to where I thought they had run into someone's backyard, they were all huddled in the back of an empty lot. I shined my lights on them and counted them, then they went down the slope on the backside of the lot.

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  1. I need to get a paper route so I can have some adventures and see deer at 5 o'clock in the morning. :)