Monday, March 14, 2011

The Supers

I have an idea for a new comic book series. The civilians in our tale are tall, witless humans who are under the mistaken impression that they control the world. The Super Villains and Super Heroes are little people who run around creating havoc or making peace depending on which side of the villain/hero coin they happen to land that day (read: side of the bed they exited that morning).

The list of potential Super Villains is surprisingly long compared to that of the potential Super Heroes, if that gives you any indication of how my day has gone. The list of Super Villains might include the following:

1. The Exaspirator - constantly putting the tall, witless humans in a speechless stupor
2. The Instigator- ever seeking to stir things up
3. The Thrasher - prone to tantrums
4. The No-No-Nator - "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary"
5. The Humiliator - this identity can be adopted by any Super Villain when in public
6. The Sassinator - never at a loss for words
7. The "I-Do-It-Myself"-or - generally strikes when time is of the essence but occasionally doubles as a Super Hero
8. The Evaporator - "Now you see her, now you don't"
9. The Stinker - this Super Villain's favorite uniform is the one he was wearing yesterday... and the day before that... and the day before that (while most Super Villains and Super Heroes APPEAR to wear the same outfit daily, they actually have an entire closet full of the same costume)
10. The Screecher - needs no introduction

Now for our Super Heroes:

1. The Harminator - often at odds with the Instigator
2. The Incinator - generally eats any food placed in front of him
3. The Paginator - a voracious reader who fills out reading logs as a mere formality
4. The Shadow - makes for pleasant company and always willing to lend a helping hand
5. The Snickler - can bring comic relief to a tense situation with a ready smile or a contagious giggle
6. The Clincher - freely hugs others at request and often heals wounds on contact
7. The Deliberator - prone to think before he acts, is valued for his intelligence

As for the tall, witless civilians (TWC)--they are likely to remain as such since the Super Heroes and Super Villains have the advantage of changing roles at the drop of a hat. Consequently, the TWC continue their struggle to weed out the villainy while allowing heroism to thrive. May the Force be with them!

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  1. Thanks for the invite! Your posts are so witty and true to life, that I can tell already that this blog will be right up my ally.