Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabulous Realities

I was introduced to fabulous realities in my English class my first semester of college. Fabulous realities are, as the name implies, realities that stand out because they are somehow unique or sometimes ironic in their presentation.

We were given the assignment to find five of them over a week's time. I don't recall all of my fabulous realities, but I do remember two of them. I observed the first on the second floor of the David O. McKay Library where I usually went to study (except when I was trying to scope out the cute boy that worked on the third floor). I noticed a student absorbed in a book entitled How To Read a Book. That was my first fabulous reality. I noted the second one in the living room of my apartment as my roommates gathered around the TV watching one of their favorite primetimes. I overheard one of them lamenting, "I just wish I had more TIME!" Don't we all?

Fast forward several years. I deliver newspapers to a fairly well-to-do neighborhood... that is, if the houses are any indication. One house appears to cover the span of two lots. The second lot houses a pool, a basketball court, and a little pool house as near as I can tell. After driving past it for over a year, I had the thought, "Where do people get so much money?"

As I asked the question, I turned the corner and noticed a name in bold letters on the side of a mailbox that had NEVER before caught my attention. The name?


Fabulous. Really.

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