Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ever Wonder If YOUR Way Could Be the Wrong Way?

On Friday my three-year old decided she wanted some Ritz crackers... and she wanted to get them HERSELF... so she found the scissors. [Enter Mom who finds nine partial crackers along with their crumbs spread out on the table like a dot-to-dot, along with a partial package of crackers that had been, um... penetrated.] When I open a package of Ritz crackers, I turn it on its end and pull in opposite directions with my fingers until the seam gives way and the crackers are exposed. But when I saw my daughter sitting at the table, absolutely delighted with her accomplishment, I picked up the package and studied her work. Impressive. Done with a flair that was truly her own. What occurred to me next caught me totally off guard: What if HER way was the RIGHT way? What if I have been opening Ritz crackers incorrectly my ENTIRE life.

That was when I grabbed my camera. Perhaps you are in my same boat. If so, I wanted to provide you with an example of a possible CORRECT way of opening Ritz crackers. You may want to give it a try. Sure, the edge might not be the same amount of jagged or the cuts not quite as long, but with practice...

I have confidence you'll figure it out... or if not, you might discover the OTHER right way.